Plant-based shopping

My aim this weekend was to fill my cupboards and fridge with lovely organic, plant-based ingredients and magically turn into Nigella overnight, complete with tidy kitchen and pretty measuring jugs for every size.

Clearly, I was living in a New Years Day dream still, the reality was a rather dull trip around Aldi, looking at every label and discovering my favorite crackers contain milk 😦 Not to be put off I went to a Sainsbury’s store and found a better supply of vegan friendly offerings. I filled the fridge with ‘greek cheese’, it’s actually ok-ish, falafal and houmous. I also painstakingly hunted down vegan curry paste and dark chocolate. I then embarked on making my first Vegan Chocolate Brownies, via a Jamie Oliver recipe, I’ve attached a couple of photos, one with Henry helping! They aren’t that bad, I certainly don’t think they taste like a compromise, just more a first attempt and possibly need some tweaking.

I followed a recipe sent to me on Saturday eve for a Sweet Potato & Spinach Thai Curry, I love Thai food so this felt like I was back to my normal, just swapping chicken for potato and it tasted really nice. By Sunday I was exhausted from a busy weekend and just wanted easy. This is where my work place is so helpful. I brought home some Rod and Ben’s Organic Chickpea Tagine, made with Goji berries and apricots, slowly warmed and served with a jacket potato it was a perfect Sunday night supper and again I didn’t feel I was missing out.

I have treated myself to some puddings while I was shopping, I’m not sure I will be getting any great weight loss at the end of this now! It’s interesting that I was spoilt for choice for options, clearly the fact that you can eat coconut milk means many variants are possible, I’m not sure how you’d fair if you didn’t like coconut milk? The same can’t be said for savory though, it’s still limited for good quality, plant based meals, unless you want a rather unappetizing meat substitute.

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