About Rod and Ben’s

The secret to the success of our products is keeping things simple and straight forward.

This is why we believe that our soups, meal pots, dips, spreads and sauces should always insist on only accommodating the finest imaginable ingredients.

We carefully choose only the best seeds to put into our rich nurtured soil, which grow into the most nutritious veg that creates our simply sumptuous seasonal organic soups and meal pots, as well as our new range of dips, dunks, spreads and sauces.

We’re always marvelling at the all-round magnificence of great tasting organic veg with their enticing tastes, textures and aromas. This might explain why Rod and Ben’s has become a byword for all manner of moreish and convenient organic recipes.

Soups to Savour
A range of hearty soups crafted for even the most discerning of palates. Whether young or old our soups will go down a treat with the whole family.

Delicious Stews
Just add heat and they’re ready to eat. Healthy and nutritious, our meal pots are full of flavour and really do satisfy you at anytime of the day.

Dips and Dunks
Full of flavour and ideal for a BBQ or a party all year round, these are a must for anyone’s fridge. Sumptuous textures, strong personalities and no preservatives make these new members of the Rod & Ben’s range all the more desirable.

www.rodandbens.com for more information about our range and our recipes.