Sarahs Veganuary Adventures

I’m doing Veganuary for January 2020 to see if it improves my life!

The good, the bad and the ugly… being honest all the way.

Sarah Benthall

For the 31 days of January I will be embarking on a vegan, plant-based only diet.

Sarah Benthall

Working at Rod & Ben’s I do believe in eating well and enjoy many of our vegan soups, stews and dips (so I probably do have a gentle head start). I want to know if I can spend January not eating any animal based products, whether it will improve my general health, mental health, emotional wellbeing and body shape. So here we go…

I will start on 1st January at the strike of midnight, assuming I’m still awake and go from there. I will fully confess that I am also doing Dry-January so I am not dealing with the whole ‘what can I drink that is plant based’ discussion. I have weighed myself and taken my measurements, however, I WILL NOT be publishing them on here! I will however, repeat the process on the 31st of January and see if there’s a change (fingers crossed)

These are my predictions-as I’m tucking into my last Rustic Chicken Soup of the decade:

  1. I think I’ll find breakfast a challenge, I love eggs and have them most days so already stressing about my morning fix.
  2. As I’m also giving up drinking I assume I’m going to be miserable and I’ll mostly stay in when not at work. This is not unusual in January for lots of us.
  3. How will I manage without my normal chocolate treat every evening?
  4. Due to the cost implications I will not stop using/wearing animal products such as my boots and make up etc, however, I do promise to not buy anything that isn’t plant based this month (except food for the rest of the family) and see how hard a challenge this is when buying household items etc.
  5. I live in a busy household with last count being, 1 husband, 3 children, 3 fury friends, 1 brand new lizard and any number of additional house guests/play dates to be organised. While I believe that my access to great organic soup and stews at work will make this easy, I will be preparing/cooking/clearing up after meat eaters and more worrying the fussy 5 yr old who leaves food for me to easily pick on. On this subject I promise to make 100% effort to not cave, but also to be honest if I do!
  6. Lastly, my biggest prediction, and I’m still not sure I should say this right at the start of the challenge, but I think I will cope, I think I will loose some Christmas bulge, feel energised and generally healthier and possibly not want to return to a meat eater straight away……..lets see.

Here goes!!!!

All the products I talk about from Rod and Ben’s can be found here: For all other food/drink solutions I stumble across I will try to link a website.