Camouflage Bird Feeder

A hidden garden gem the birds will love…

And here’s how:

  • Eat a pot of Rod and Ben’s soup and thoroughly clean the pot and lid.
  • Make 10 – 20 puncture holes, large enough for bird beaks, but not too big so the seeds to fall out.
  • Carefully puncture each side near the bottom with larger holes and push through a long stick – this will be the bird perch.
  • Punch two more holes near the top to thread through the twine, so you can hang it outside.
  • Pop the lid back on and find the spray paint and paint pens, this one is a camouflage beauty.
  • Fill with bird seed and hang it outside a window and watch for the birds.

Tip – you could make larger holes and fill the pot with fat balls. As it get’s colder the birds will appreciate a helping hand.

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