My Money Pot, with a crown!

Save the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves. An upcycling Rod & Ben’s pot idea, with no special crafting items required!

And here’s how:

  • Eat a pot of Rod and Ben’s soup and thoroughly clean the pot and lid.
  • Carefully make a slit in the top big enough for your money to go through
  • Go crazy and decorate it as you wish!

Tip – why don’t you just see what’s in your crafting box? Wool, pom-poms, card, material, paints… go wild!

This is a super simple one to do. You can be as creative as you like with the decorating. This one has a crown (as you would) and is decorated with cotton wool, ‘My Money Pot’, with printed money graphics and pipe cleaners.

My Money Pot. There’s another bonus project idea for you in the background. We moved into a new house and found a kestrel ornament in the garden. It was scrubbed clean and painted some crazy colours and now stands guard. Haven’t seen any pigeons for a while (coincidence?)


See the other pot ideas here, or send through your ideas and photos on up cycling a Rod & Ben’s soup pot.

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