It’s Wednesday, I’m starving! It feels like I just can’t eat enough 😦

I’m not sure if this is part of Veganuary, because I’m also taking part in Red January (Run Every Day) and therefore running more, or simply because my tummy has been eating mince pies and stollen every hour of the day!! I’ve had a bagel with banana for breakfast, not being a lover of bread this was a big break from the norm, however, by 10am I was ready to eat my desk. For lunch I just couldn’t face soup, I wanted something different, so had one our delicious organic stews, it hit the spot and made me very happy for a while. However it’s now 4pm and I’m trying my best not to give in to the biscuits I can almost smell in the staff room!

So my thoughts are I’m probably not getting enough protein? I’m no expert, but I normally had eggs for breakfast and often a chicken soup for lunch and I would have had fish or meat in my evening meal. I’m just not getting that now, so I am going to pop to the shops on my way home and buy some nuts to snack on. Any other suggestions are very welcome? I’m feeling like a big bowl of noodles tonight, so I will look up a recipe and let you know how I get on. I did have one break through with my coffee at work which has massively helped, 1/3 cup of oat milk popped in the microwave makes all the difference 🙂