Twig planter

I wanted to make a natural looking pot, something I’d like to keep on my window sill at home. I was also keen on involving my youngest, so a walk to do some twig collecting and the opportunity to use the secateurs got him joining in.


We used:
– Twigs collected from a walk
– 2 x rubber bands
– Some wool
– A couple of strips of double sided sticky tape and some glue

– Secateurs
– Scissors

How we did it:

  • We went for a short walk and collected some twigs from the ground.
  • Cut off the top rim of the pot using sharp scissors.
  • Cut the twigs to be about 1cm longer than the height of the pot.
  • Wrapped some double sided sticky tape around the top and bottom of the pot as well as an elastic elastic band to keep the twigs in place.
  • Slotted the twigs around the pot, about 3 deep, adding a bit of glue when needed.
  • Ensured that the twigs are flush to the bottom of the pot so it was flat.
  • We then wrapped around some wool around the top and bottom of the twigs to keep them in place, we knotted the wool and added a dab of glue.
  • Added a plant – taaa-daaah!

Have a go yourself and share it with us.

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