Friday without gin and pizza

I have that Friday feeling this afternoon, I’ve been at work this week but it still feels a little confused with the days and my children are ready for term to start, or is that me? However, I still want to celebrate the end of the working week with a treat. Normally this would be a large glass of wine or a healthy measure of good gin and tonic with a big meal. I enjoy cooking or more honestly I enjoy baking but don’t always have the time for elaborate recipes, so often resort to a cheeky take away or a pizza.

So what do I eat tonight? Last night due to a last minute cinema trip I ended up stir frying vegetables and whilst quick and easy it’s hardly exciting. I feel the need for something to make up for the lack of gin… any ideas?

My lunch today was lovely, I had our Red Russian Kale, Spinach and Chickpea soup. Don’t let the name confuse you, it’s our most popular soup and as I know it’s 100% planet based I didn’t need to look at the ingredients- something I seem to have become obsessed with!

As a little treat to myself today I bought myself coffee on the way to work, I’ve probably struggled with the change in milk most and just fancied a good coffee. Luckily I live next to a deli who made me a Cappuccino made with Oat milk at 7.30 this morning- my saviours! As I was in there, I noticed a little packet of chocolate, labelled Vegan, I bought some and I’ve just had half as an afternoon pick me up. It’s actually not bad, didn’t taste less creamy as I expected, however it’s not a cheap option so I will be making it a treat rather than a daily thing!!

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