I survived day 1!

So I started officially yesterday, however as I was at home feeling a little ‘tired’ from New Years Eve, it felt like a strange day anyway. I started the day with a cup of tea made with Oatly milk and discovered it does not look at all like a normal cup of tea…however, it tasted completely the same so I happily drank it under a blanket feeling like I’d nailed it!

Not feeling particularly well prepared or indeed energetic I ate a mixture of vegetables I cooked with tomatoes and basil, not all unpleasant and something I would often cook on a lazy day, but it really missed the cheese on top…….oh well

An early night meant I also did not miss my usual evening chocolate fix, a lovely friend text me today with a list of plant based chocolates to buy, she knows me well, so this weekend I will be stocking up.

In terms of this blog I am not sure how often I can/will be able to update it, I’m sure you will get bored soon enough of me banging on about vegetables, so it won’t be a daily update as such. However, as we are half way through the 2nd Jan I feel I should add a little of today. I started with porridge, made with Oatly milk and a little fruit. I even took a photo, although not up to the standard of some beautiful Insta Pics, it’s real, it’s a little rushed first thing in the morning but most importantly it tasted really good. Lunch was Rod & Ben’s Organic Spiced Lentil Soup, one of my favourites. Eaten straight from the pot at my desk it was warming, a little spicy but not too much and has filled me up. To be fair, this is a standard lunch for me, however, I did slightly look longingly at the Roast Chicken Soup, but no, I had lentils and it really was delicious.

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