The big weigh in…

I am very late writing this so I do apologise, however, what has been nice is the amount of people contacting me to check in on me and see how it’s gone, so thank you!

On Friday morning, a day early, I jumped on the scales for the first time in a month. I have lost just a shade over 2kg. This is great, especially as I haven’t felt like I was dieting. The much bigger news is my measurements… I’ve lost 12cm!!! This has made me very happy… very very happy actually. Mostly from my tummy and actually my jeans are starting to feel looser. With this knowledge it’s made the decision, so easy to say I will be carrying on. It seems to suit me, I have more energy, feel better about what I eat and maybe I could with some effort get another 2kg off this month and really start seeing a difference.

As a celebration for payday and just being a Friday we decided on a family Chinese takeaway, I was very concerned I was going to miss out so could already feel my bottom lip starting to shake! I called the restaurant and they were brilliant, offered me a range of dishes that they could cook vegan so I had Tofu with blackbean sauce and garlic Mushrooms with plain rice. It tasted amazing and was so nice to share a meal with everyone with no effort. My only advice would be to have some frozen spring rolls or similar to pop in the oven so you don’t miss out on the sides.

The other big win of the weekend was a quick drink in my local pub while England played terribly yesterday. I ordered a couple of portions of chips for the table to share and noticed vegan starter that looked interesting so I ordered it. Jackfruit, coated in breadcrumbs, deep fried with vegan mayo and vegan bbq sauce… it tasted amazing and I made a point of telling the landlady what a treat it was to have a naughty meal and not just live on lentils!

I can’t finish without sharing one of my friends experiences though, this was served as a vegan breakfast… no words needed!

So this is the end of my Veganuary blog. Thank you for taking the time to read it, thank you for sending me emails and messages of support. Its been really interesting. I couldn’t have got through the first week let alone a month without the Rod and Ben’s range though. Soups and stews are just so simple to make but do we have the time? Really? It’s brilliant to know you can buy good quality organic plant based food where all the work is done for you. I also think more cafes and restaurants need to look at their menu, and this happens to be where Rod & Ben’s excel. Take the pressure off the chef and buy in a few things, then you can focus your time on other dishes and not just making the vegan offering a dull sandwich.

I will blog again if I stumble across anything interesting and feel the need to share any plant-based info. However for now, goodbye.

Sarah x

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