The last few days

I’ve not had much chance to blog in the last few days, we are brilliantly busy making soups and stews at work and this is the time of year that people tend to come to us looking for future projects so all in all it’s busy.

The other thing is I almost don’t know what else to write about. I’ve got over the little issues of the first weeks energy levels. I’ve got into a groove with swapping oat milk for cows milk and now just don’t notice any difference. I’ve found vegan chocolate that tastes great, I’ve had vegan brownies made for me that tasted amazing, I’ve even learnt to love porridge… ok that’s a lie!

I think I just thought I’d find Veganuary harder. I’m fascinated by other peoples reactions more now. I have friends encouraging a count down til Saturday, but I’m not really bothered. I have people trying to tempt me with a perfectly cooked steak, and I feel nothing. Does this mean I’m over it? I just simply don’t miss it.

However, I think the real test will come this weekend. Firstly because I will weigh myself. If I’m the same, that’s OK, however that’ll mean no shift of the Christmas excess. If I’ve lost some, I’ll be over the moon, however my clothes feel no different. If I’ve put weight on, I will find it hard to continue as my weight is a constant battle and whilst I could cut back the chocolate, it’s a very small amount and life is for living right? So I’ll let you know….

The other thing is February brings with it, gin, wine and Prosecco. Yes I’ll be drinking again and with drinking comes less will power, more eating out and socialising and also the fact I need to source vegan wine, HELP!! So it will be interesting to see if I can be a vegan whilst not being a hermit.

I’ve attached a picture of a tasting we held on Monday. These are Christmas flavours. The first three were versions of a winter parsnip soup with hints of Christmas, really lovely and vegan. The last three were turkey and bacon flavours, that was hard, it smelt amazing and not being able to add to the team tasting felt strange as I enjoy having a voice in what we produce. Oh well.

I did have a massive success with a chance buy of a soya product, I will check the name and put onto the next post. It was a frozen BBQ covered pulled pork type idea, not something I’d go for in meat form generally. However, as I’m buying when I see things even If I don’t want them to try, I popped it in the freezer last shopping day. I cooked it last night with as many veggies as I could find, so it was filled with colours and different flavours. It was so good. Quick, easy and definitely something you could serve for friends even if they were meat eaters. I might even have it again tonight!

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