Soup Weather

I haven’t had two seconds to really think about being a Vegan since the weekend let alone write about it. Working for an organic soup manufacturer in January is a busy busy busy! I am not complaining at all, it’s great but time has flown since I last wrote and I’m now nearly half way through my Veganuary challenge.

I think it would be fair to say I’ve got used to it. I don’t notice my cup of tea in the morning tasting different any more and I haven’t even struggled cooking meat and fish for others as I thought I would. I miss eggs as I’ve previously said and I definitely miss our Rustic Chicken Soup, especially on a stormy day like today but it’s actually ok.

Breakfast on Sunday was a treat

The hardest bit still is my energy levels, I eat a meal and feel hungry half an hour later. I’ve tried adding beans, chickpeas, sweet potato where possible, but as someone who hated carbs I’ve found this a challenge. I still feel so much of my food is a bit dull, missing a crunch somewhere. I made myself breakfast with 1/2 vegan bagel to make a change from porridge and that helped. Rice cakes with peanut butter are a favorite so I am assuming my weight will sadly reflect this!

This is our organic houmous, already a firm favourite snack of mine, I have found this also invaluable when the energy levels drop, the only real problem is not finishing the pot in one go! Last night I made fajita’s for the whole family. It was the first really successful meal for all of us (minus the fussy five year old) that we could all enjoy together, without me feeling I was eating a less good meal. Using vegan quorn for myself and chicken for the others, we all shared the veggies, the salad, the salsa and it felt really nice. I did have vegan cheese though… I will not be making that mistake again… no words needed to explain how unpleasant that was!

I’m now off to run in this storm, if I don’t blog again soon send a search party out for me!

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