I’ve got over my strop

When I last wrote on Wednesday I was Hangry, although not in the way you get when your food doesn’t arrive when you expect, more in the ‘I just want to eat and eat and eat’ sort of way. I think I can see the root of the problem and it’s mostly bad planning. Like so many people I am busy. Busy at work, busy home and busy in my head worrying about the things I have probably forgotten! My go to has been to snack, a nibble of cheese here, a spoonful of Nutella there (yes I am THAT girl). But when you are following a plant based diet it’s just not as simple. Or maybe it is and I just need to be more organised. So I am focused on getting this right.

I went home on Wednesday and made oat cookies, I make these most weeks for my children and can churn them out with my eyes closed, they aren’t anything spectacular, but they don’t contain additives, are quick and easy and offer something in the biscuit tin. So I made these but substituted the butter for vegan spread and the milk for soya. They came out slightly differently, more dense and slightly more chewy after cooking. But the response from the children was that they were not quite as good but still nice. Interestingly, they seem to have disappeared! I may have eaten most straight from the bowl but it gave me a boost and helped me feel I was at least making something normal for me. I then made a very strange kind of half curry half soup with coconut milk and veggies. Last weekend I bought some satay Kievs, I had no idea what they were but that was the point. I baked them and chopped them into it, thinking the satay would work well. And it did! Although I’m not convinced how nice they would be on their own.

Also as a result of my Wednesday update I was messaged to try tofu as a scrambled egg substitute. I’d heard a little about this but thought it was probably an old wives tale, so I googled it. I followed the recipe, like an excited child at 7am, dreaming of soft eggs for breakfast… the disappointment I felt may not translate strong enough on here. But I had ONE mouthful before I threw the whole lot in the bin, it was DISGUSTING! I am assuming I did something wrong, but there’s only 3 ingredients so I’m just not sure. I will try again, when I have got over the trauma. Porridge is now my best friend.

Happy weekend all.

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